How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Night – Home Remedies

Mosquitoes are a pain! They don’t let us enjoy our lives. They buzz around, bite us, and leave itchy red welts. At night, they become almost invisible. To fight these pests, many people use chemical solutions or sprays. But there are natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes too.

In this article, we’ll discuss home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes at night. It will tell you about the most effective methods, which require minimal effort, and provide long-term results – without harming the environment! We will also provide safety tips for using DIY mosquito control measures. So, let’s find out how to get rid of mosquitoes in your own home!


How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Night – Home Remedies


Mosquitoes can be very irritating, specially when they buzz at night and stop you from sleeping. Fortunately, there are some useful home remedies for getting rid of them. In this article, we will talk about the most popular home remedies for removing mosquitoes. You can choose from a natural solution or a chemical-based one – both will help you get rid of these pesky bugs!

The most popular home remedies for removing mosquitoes are:

  1. Natural solutions such as using essential oils, citronella candles, or using a fan to keep mosquitoes away.
  2. Chemical-based solutions such as using insecticides, mosquito coils, or electric mosquito traps.


Use Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a great way to control mosquitoes at night. They mask human and carbon dioxide scents, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you. Place the candles around where you’ll be spending time outdoors. Make sure they are away from open flames and combustible materials. Read the warning labels before use.

If you don’t want to use citronella candles, try naturally scented lamp oil or DEET based insect repellents. These can keep pesky insects away.


Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Mosquitoes are nocturnal pests that can be a nuisance. To combat these bloodsuckers, plants with fragrant leaves and flowers containing natural oils, such as citronella and eucalyptus oil, may help keep mosquitoes out of the home.

Some of the best mosquito-repelling plants include:

  • Lavender has a sweet scent and is easy to grow. It can be used fresh or dried in sachets near doorways or windows, or planted in the ground. Essential oil can be applied directly to clothing and skin.
  • Marigolds have strong scents and come in various sizes and colors. They can repel mosquitos and add color to outdoor spaces.
  • Basil is an herb with a strong aroma which can deter mosquitos around porches and windowsills. Plus, its fragrance adds flavor when cooking and keeps bugs away.
  • Citronella grass is great at repelling mosquitos due to its oils. Plant it around windowsills and doorsteps for style and to avoid chemical-heavy repellents.


Use Fans to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes are attracted to our body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide. Fans can help keep them away by disrupting these signals and circulating the air around us. Install fans close to where you sleep, with blades facing away from you on full speed. This creates a swirling wind that mosquitos can’t cross. Use this tactic outside too for added protection against these bugs!

Fans also lower your body temperature, making it less attractive to mosquitos. Keeping air moving in a mosquito-filled area will make it harder for them to fly without getting blown away. Some people use ceiling/overhead fans since mosquitos usually fly in straight lines – the fan breaks up their path, deterring them.


Install Screens on Windows and Doors

Stop the mosquito population in your home by preventing them from entering. Put screens on windows and doors. Make sure they snugly fit and are properly installed, with no gaps. If a professional installation is too costly, find kits you can assemble yourself. Look for simple instructions to help you.

  • Inspect windows and doors for openings or tears.
  • Fix or replace worn mesh or frames to ensure no entry for mosquitoes.


Use Garlic, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil

Garlic, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are great home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes at night. Add them to water and they’ll produce an odour that deters many mosquito species.

Mix tea tree and eucalyptus oils with water and spray onto surfaces near where you’ll spend time. This method repells mosquitoes and eliminates their larvae and pupae. You can also find commercial products containing these ingredients at hardware stores or garden centres to reduce the mosquito population around your home.



Mosquitoes can be irksome and even dangerous. To get rid of them, many home remedies can be employed, though their effectiveness is region-dependent. Citronella candles may help, but are not always reliable. Chemical solutions can be used when there is a severe infestation, but beware of overuse!

To best keep mosquitoes out of your home,

  • Seal windows and doors when not in use.
  • Use screens or nets for the windows.
  • Check for any standing water sources on the property – this is key to a mosquito-free residence.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes at night?

There are many home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes at night. Some of the most popular remedies include using a mosquito net, setting up a fan near the bed, using a mosquito spray or repellent, and using citronella candles and torches.

How do I keep mosquitoes away from my bed?

To keep mosquitoes away from your bed, use a mosquito net draped around your bed, set up a fan near the bed, and use a mosquito spray or repellent. You can also burn citronella candles or torches near your bed to keep mosquitoes away.

What are the benefits of using a mosquito net?

A mosquito net provides a physical barrier between you and the mosquitoes, so it is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away while you sleep. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy to use.